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Frequently asked questions

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1When are the challenges?
The challenges and the Grand Finale are always on a Saturday, at 10:00 a.m. SLT.
2Why are there two rehearsals for a challenge?
To accomodate the different time zones we have scheduled for each challenge and the Grand Finale two rehearsals. It is mandatory for every candidate to participate in one (1) of the both rehearsals, to be eligible to walk in the following challenge, or the Grand Finale.
3What happens if I miss a rehearsal or a challenge?
If you miss a rehearsal before a challenge, you are not eligible to walk in the challenge, unless you have communicated your absence with the team before the rehearsal begins. It is not a problem to miss a challenge, but it means a significant loss of potential scores.
4Can I bring friends or family to the rehearsals or the challenges?
The rehearsals are not open for public, but you are allowed to bring one (1) interpreter or person, who will type for you, if you are hearing impaired. You will need to name the person to accompany you, before the rehearsal begins. The auditions, challenges and the Grand Finale are open for public attendance.
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