MISS SL 2017


Melinda Bayn 754/2020 DEEP STATIC – FAYDED – .:GO MAKEUP:. – Pink Charcoal – RedFish at WIP SL Event

#IAmMELINDADEEP STATIC by Dᴇᴇᴘ Sᴛᴀᴛɪᴄ (deep.static):: DS :: Bisous Shades GlassesFAYDED by Faye BlackheartFAYDED - Bellisseria Bathtub ADULT.:GO MAKEUP:. by ąɴɴy ʙ. ʙʀąɴɗɪ (anny.burner)GO LoverS HD Lipstick Makeup[CATWA-GENUS]Pink Charco...

Melinda Bayn 753/2020 VIET&USA – SamPoses – Mosquito’s Way – Breaux Willow – ALMA Makeup – [Nocturnal Couture] – 7 Deadly s[K]ins – .:(CW):. at WIP SL Event

#IAmMELINDAVIET&USA by Karl Marx (runweigh)USA. Uma Vanity Bag - WhiteUSA. Carter Shades - Essentials GlassesSamPoses by Jαηηα Ӎαʂσɳ Rєєd™ (rood.adamczyk)SamPoses - LaceyMosquito's Way by Camilla LimondiMosquito's Way - QuinnBreaux Willow by Sir ...

Melinda Bayn 752/2020 Little Diamond Anne set by ღLittleDiamond ღ (diablita.cuttita)

#IAmMELINDALittle Diamond Anne set by ღLittleDiamond ღ  (diablita.cuttita)at Kinky EventFacebook - Flickr - Flickr Groups - Marketplace - Mainstore

Melinda Bayn 751/2020 Moondance Boutique Sandy Pearl Jewerly Vintage Color Set – [NEUTRA] Grasshoper Black

#IAmMELINDAMoondance Boutique Sandy Pearl Jewerly Vintage Color Setat The Vintage FairFacebook - Flickr Groups - Marketplace - Wordpress[NEUTRA] Grasshoper BlackFacebook - MainStore

Melinda Bayn 750/2020 Amataria – Set Innes – [NEUTRA] Vitamin C sunglasses

#IAmMELINDAAmataria - Set Innes by Yana (amataria)at Kinky EventFacebook - Flickr - Marketplace - Mainstore[NEUTRA] Vitamin C by Alekos Petho (alekosalistair)Sunglasses Accessories MESH Eyewear Jewelery Sneakers ...

Melinda Bayn 749/2020 WIP SL Event 2nd Round – 2nd of July (Post 1)

#IAmMELINDA .:: SO ::. Bento Nails Mesh Ballerina Long Liberty by ღ Pατriciα Brαviτʑ Bσissєℓ ღ (patricia.bravitz)=Impulse= "Invisi" Lips Set Bom-Bakes on Mesh Pack by ᶠᶸᶜᵏСуЧее ЗлОᵧₒᵤ (vlpangel)[amicale] glisten eyes *A02* by Sophie...

Versace Inspiration Mode in SL

#IAmMELINDAVersace Inspiration Mode in SLSpring 2018https://youtu.be/Q0iLg-fgNbE

Melinda Bayn 748/2020 Zibska _ Jolie Deux by Zib (zib.scaggs)

#IAmMELINDAZibska _ Jolie Deux by Zib (zib.scaggs)Flickr Groups - Flickr - Marketplace - Mainstore

Melinda Bayn 747/2020 Zibska _ Deri Set & Makeup by Zib (zib.scaggs)

#IAmMELINDAZibska _ Deri Set & Makeup by Zib (zib.scaggs)at SaNaRae EventFlickr Groups - Flickr - Marketplace - Mainstore

Miss Pride 2018 Melinda Bayn for THE PRIDE FESTIVAL 2020

#IAmMELINDAPride Festival SL FacebookPride Festival is a no profit event which aim is to sensitize the SL community about omosexual and transgender rights. The money we will raise will be donated to Arcigay Italy, an italian association that has always...
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